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BTS-131E Electric Lifing Bathing Tub with Sliding Door (FREE SHIPPING)

by Aeolus
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The BTS-131E Pawlished Pro Tub is one of our most popular electric lift grooming tubs. These tubs are made of 100 percent Premium grade 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel.

This electric lift tub harnesses its lifting power from a LINAK linear actuator. Linak is known for its durability, longevity of life and smooth lifting power. They are the same company that most hospital beds get their lifting power from. Creating an electric, hydraulic lift that will not jostle or scare the animal that you are bathing.

With the side to side opening door, it is easy for animals of all sizes to enter and exit once the tub is on its lowest setting, giving your back a much needed rest from lifting heavy dogs into the tub. This door is attached and held by a strong magnet. The secure sliding eliminates any mess that other tubs, featuring up and down doors could create. The lowest setting is less than a foot high, allowing access and making it friendly for every breed. The loading capacity is 250 pounds.

With the longevity of use in mind, we have designed this tub with water resistant pedals, making this tub ease to raise and lower no matter how full your hands are.

Each tub rest on four leveling feet. These feet can be adjusted to provide a stable work space. Just a quick turn or two will easily adjust the tub to be level even if the floor is at a slant.

Your tub comes standard with a multi-filter drain, including an inline hair basket to help prevented clogging, a flexible drainage hose so you can customize the outflow of used water, and an Aeolus puppy riser, to help keep your animals from being submerged and relieving the stress that can be put on your back when working bent over for smaller animals. Your tub will also will come equipped with pre-drilled holes on both left and right splash guards for a hot/cold faucet to be installed, accommodating all common faucet sizes that are 4”and 6”. Faucet kits, shampoo racks, and suction cup leads sold separately.

If you are looking for a great tub, with a long service life, easy to use at a great price, you have found it in the Aeolus BTS-131E Pawlished Pro Electric Lift Stainless Steel Grooming Bathtub.

  • Harnesses its lifting power from a LINAK linear actuator.
  • Features a side to side opening door. Attached and held by a strong magnet.
  • Lift Range: 12” to 48”.
  • Loading Capacity: 250 lbs
  • Overall Dimensions: 51L"x27"W
  • Depth of Basin: 16.5"
  • Water resistant pedals.
  • Adjustable leveling feet.
  • Includes multi-filter drain, inline hair basket, flexible drainage hose, two heavy duty floor panels, and an Aeolus puppy rise.
  • Accommodates all common faucet sizes, 4" and 6"
  • Comes with predrilled holes on both left and right splash guards that can be capped if not in use.
  • Drain is located on left side
  • Measures 50" long by 26.5 in wide.
  • Power Supply: 110v

Here you can see a video on the BTS-131E

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