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Aeolian 901 Pro (Free Shipping)

by Aeolus
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Looking for a powerful and efficient dog grooming dryer? Look no further than the Aeolian Pro. With a powerful Ametek motor and variable speed control, this high-velocity dog dryer provides fast and efficient drying for all coat types.

The Aeolian Pro features an instant heat button and has a wind force peak of 895 grams and a wind speed of 188 m/s, making it one of the most powerful dog grooming dryers on the market. This 2139W single motor dryer has a CFM of 230, making it the perfect tool for professional groomers and dog owners alike.

Made with a durable metal housing, the Aeolian Pro is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use in a professional grooming salon. The hose expands from 2.5 feet to almost 9 feet long and comes with a protective sleeve to prevent damage from everyday wear and tear.

The patented nozzles on the Aeolian Pro are specially designed with a double wall to help cool the nozzle while the groomer uses the dryer, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience for both you and your furry friend.

Invest in the Aeolian Pro today and experience the power and efficiency of a professional-grade dog grooming dryer. Don't settle for anything less when it comes to keeping your pet looking and feeling their best.

  • Powerful Ametek motor
  • Comes with 2 nozzles; one concaved and the other rounded
  • Variable speed control
  • Instant heat button
  • Wind force peak of 895 grams
  • Wind speed of 188 m/s
  • 2139W single motor dryer
  • CFM of 230
  • Durable metal housing
  • Hose expands from 2.5 feet to almost 9 feet long
  • Protective sleeve for hose
  • Patented nozzles with double wall design to cool the nozzle
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • Perfect for professional groomers and dog owners alike
  • Efficient and fast drying
  • Safe and comfortable for both the groomer and pet

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