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Aeolian II Dual Motor Dryer

by Aeolus
Original price $499.00 - Original price $499.00
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$499.00 - $499.00
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TD-900XT-PRO is more of a pro version dryer after Hercules.

* Powered by 2 units AMETEK Motor, 1400W per motor:2400W Max Power, brings you our strongest dual motor dryer.

* Main unit and unique spacious air breathing design, making it the most powerful high velocity dryer with amazing air volume and blow force.

* Twice Longer Lifespan: Thanks to AMETEK’s patented technology, less rotation friction and more heating dissipation have been achieved, thus the service life extends to twice longer than regular dual dryers.

* Groomer Friendly Hose kit: Patented nozzles with naturally cooling property drops the surface temperature to 30℃ only while the internal temperature is 65℃, which achieves a safe and conformable gripping. The narrow nozzle with crescent convex and round pointy nozzle with angle are very helpful for different parts of dogs and makes the drying more efficient.

* 20-inch long heat insulation sheath of the hose covering all the contactable parts with groomer’s arm effectively avoids the potential risk of burning the skin.

  • Blow force: 1050g
  • Motor power/HP: 2400W/9HP
  • Max Power (W): 2400W
  • Wind Speed (Feet Per Minute): 69000FPM
  • Surface Air Pressure (kp):25.75 kp
  • Air Flow (CFM): 695 CFM
  • Body Material: Steel
  • Voltage: 100-120V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz

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