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FT-801 X-style Electric lifting table

by Aeolus
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The Aeolus FT-801 PRO Low-Low Electric Grooming Table is a 48" x 24" grooming table by Aeolus. It is the ideal work horse for your grooming salon. With a lifting range from 10" to 41", it can carry up to 300lbs in loading capacity.

It features an outlet with two plugs and two USB chargers, hanging hooks for your towels and tools, and a drawer that can hold your shears, combs and other small items. The pedals are centered, giving you the ability to reach them no matter if you are working on the left or the right side of the table. Aeolus takes safety seriously. As such, they have put the table on a water proof breaker box. Included with your table are three rubber feet and one metal foot. The metal foot acts as a grounding foot. At anytime should something go wrong with the electrical components on the table, the breaker box will shut down and the metal foot will ground all the electricity.

This table harnesses its lifting power from a LINAK linear actuator. LINAK is known for its durability, longevity of life and smooth lifting power. They are the same company that most hospital beds get their lifting power from. This creates an electric, hydraulic lift that will not jostle or scare the animal that you are grooming.

As an added advantage, the tabletop of the Aeolus FT-801 grooming table is removable. This allows for an easy clean up after a long day of grooming cats and dogs. A sturdy overhead grooming arm is also included with your purchase of the FT-801 electric grooming table.

Includes overhead grooming arm!

Table top measures 24" x 48"

Lift Range: 10" to 41"

Load Capacity: 300 lbs

Water Resistant Pedals

Waterproof breaker box

Hanging hooks and sliding drawer for easy access to tools

Fully covered solid base that allows that creates a hygienic and easy working environment

Skid Proof removable tabletop for easy clean up.

SKU FT-801

Width 26 in.

Length 49 in.

Here you can find a video on the FT-801

Customer Reviews

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Lynsie T.

Incredible buy. I ordered two and they were delivered within a week! This table is very heavy duty and exactly what I needed! It�s perfect. It has two USB ports and two plug-ins on the side. It has hooks to hang shears and a compartment to place tools. It lowers so far to the ground where dogs can easily walk up. The height it reaches is a lot higher than I thought! The bar it comes with is very heavy duty and sturdy! I�m happy with this purchase!

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